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[texts]Professional audio production, editing, and mixing techniques - Dowse, Justin Michael
The purpose of this thesis is to demonstrate professional and efficient music production and music mixing techniques. This is not meant to be a definitive answer to the endless approaches that can be used in music production and mixing. Instead, it is intended to aid learning in a profession where there are no black and white answers since choices in music production and mixing are highly dependent upon the engineer's preferences...
Keywords: audio production; mixing; music; pro tools; recording arts
Downloads: 1,662 1.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
The critical load of a column, compression member or structure, calculated from a linear elastic analysis of an idealized perfect structure, does not necessary correspond with the load at which instability of a real structure occurs. This calculated critical load does not provide sufficient information to determine when failure, due to instability of the structure as a whole, will occur. To obtain this information it is necessary to consider the initial geometrical imperfections, eccentricities ...
Keywords: critical load; pedestrian bridges; pony truss bridge; steel structures; direct analysis method
Downloads: 300
[texts]Fun House : Ludus Loci and the American Home as Folly - Thomas, Lyle David
While play marks both the cultural and pre-cultural spheres of human existence, the environmental design disciplines have almost exclusively compartmentalized the notions of play and fun into categories of leisure and children's playgrounds. The rhetorics of environmental design, to date, have ignored, or at best marginalized, the possibility of play outside of recreational and commercial contexts...
Keywords: folly; fun; play; architecture
Downloads: 216
[texts]Study of Wind Loads Applied to Rooftop Solar Panels - Harris, Jennifer D.
The results from a full-scale faux solar panel installation research project for two panels placed near the edge of a building with a flat roof on the University of Colorado Denver campus are presented. The building and campus are located in downtown Denver, CO adjacent to a special wind region. A faux solar panel test frame was developed to measure the forces imposed on a full scale solar panel mounted on a flat roof...
Keywords: denver colorado; flat roof; force coefficient; solar power; wind tunnel
Downloads: 191
[texts]Examining the differential effects of natural and synthetic aromas of lavender and peppermint on cognition, mood, and subjective workload - Cavanaugh, Jamie Lynn
There is reliable, empirical evidence that various inhaled aromas can significantly affect mood, cognition, physiology and behavior (Herz, 2009). However, the literature often does not document whether natural or synthetic fragrances were used when evaluating these factors. Also, no studies to date have compared natural and synthetic versions of the same odors. The current study attempted to determine whether the natural aromas of lavender and peppermint were superior to their synthetic counterp...
Keywords: aromatherapy; fragrances; clinical psychology
Downloads: 148
[texts]The spatial pattern of economic rents and urban land value model around an airport area: the case study of suvarnabhumi international airport, thailand - Bejrananda, Chakarin
With the rise of the importance of air transportation in the 21st centuries, the role of economics in airport planning and decision-making has become more important to the urban structure and land value around it. The relationship between the airport and land value in urban areas has attracted more attention from academic researchers. However, there has been little research on the factors that affect the prices of land relatively to the airport location.Using New Bangkok International Airport (S...
Keywords: Hedonic Pricing Model; Location of Economic Activities; Design and Planning; Bid-rent model; airports
Downloads: 231
Microbial Fuel Cells (MFCs) use biodegradable matter, such as wastewater and animal droppings to generate electrical energy. To harvest the energy from MFC, power electronic converters have recently been used because of their advantages, such as the ability to store the harvested energy and the ability to control MFC voltage. Although power electronic converters have advantages to be used to harvest the energy, the diode based energy harvesters suffer from the low efficiency because of the diode...
Keywords: electrical engineering; MOSFET; power electronic converters; microbes
Downloads: 352
[texts]Light Scattering Properties Vary Across Different Regions of the Adult Mouse Brain - Al-Juboori, Saif
Recently developed optogenetic tools provide powerful approaches to optically excite or inhibit neural activity. In a typical in-vivo experiment, light is delivered to deep nuclei via an implanted optical fiber. Light intensity attenuates with increasing distance from the fiber tip, determining the volume of tissue in which optogenetic proteins can successfully be activated. However, whether and how this volume of effective light intensity varies as a function of brain region or wavelength has n...
Keywords: brain atlas; in-vivo; optical fiber; optogenetics; biomedical
Downloads: 78
This research addresses the issue of geological dependence of deep foundation designs resistance factors for driven pile and drilled shaft designs in different locations. For the proof, two sets of databases were used: one from the NCHRP 507 report and another driven pile and drilled shaft database with static load tests and soil profiles from the different locations in Vietnam were used to evaluate resistance factor design for different axial pile capacity prediction methods...
Keywords: geological engineering; geology; vietnam; deep foundation drill
Downloads: 292
[texts]Application of thyristor-controlled series reactor for fault current limitation and power system stability enhancement - Kang, Bu Il
Various types of Fault Current Limiters (FCLs) have been proposed and proven that they offer many advantages with respect to transmission losses, voltage quality, and power system stability. However, those including the Solid-State Fault Current Limiters (SSFCL), the most advanced type of FCL, have been mainly focusing on the FCL system itself such as optimization of components, improving the efficiency and reducing the cost...
Keywords: Electrical engineering
Downloads: 235
[texts]Cellular apoptosis and proliferation in testes of fathead minnow exposed to wastewater treatment plant effluent - Hallagin, Andrea Elizabeth Geddes
Environmental toxicants and their effects on both wildlife and human populations have become more concerning as worldwide human populations grow, water sources become scarce, and anthropogenic waste becomes more prevalent. Municipal wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) are designed to conserve water by removing nutrients and pathogens from wastewater and release effluent water back into local streams...
Keywords: environmental toxicants; fathead minnow; Biology; effluent exposure; PCNA
Downloads: 187
s a business composition professor or one of their students, you are most likely already engaged in intensive web and weblog writing lessons. I hope to add to what you're learning because the job market demands creative content providers who understand how to build and maintain an online community. Using rhetorical theory, composition philosophy, practical analysis and personal experience, I'll incorporate into this thesis an easier way to utilize the blog, and therefore a way to maximize exposu...
Keywords: blogging; business writing; composition; corporate communication; digital marketing
Downloads: 202
[texts]Shades of Black: Obsidian Distribution and Social Organization at the Teuchitl�n Tradition Site of Navajas during the Late Formative - Hoedl, Lucas
The Teuchitl�n tradition of West Mexico has often been overlooked within the greater context of Mesoamerica. Nevertheless, western Mexico contains a rich and vibrant cultural history that is ripe for expanded analysis. This paper broadens an understanding of the Teuchitl�n tradition by examining the role of obsidian distribution in the development of group social identity at the Late Formative Period site of Navajas, located in the Tequila Valley...
Keywords: archaeology; late formative; obsidian; west mexico; anthropology
Downloads: 129
[texts]Preparing teachers to work with english learners: exploring the potential for transformative learning in an online enlgish as a second language for educators course - Dewing, Stephanie E.
The number of English language learners (ELLs) in the United States school system is growing rapidly. Much of the responsibility for teaching ELLs lies with regular classroom teachers. However, little training is being provided to help them. From a sociocultural perspective and drawing on constructive-developmental theories of adult learning and development, this study explores the potential for transformative learning in a one semester online English as a Second Language for Educators course...
Keywords: adult education; online learning; transformational learning; didactics; English language
Downloads: 574
HASH values are the result of a cryptographic HASH function that can be used for security or file authentication. Due to the rise of file exchange on the internet this value has become even more important when working with digital evidence. In recent years freeware programs have become available online for both commercial and personal use to check for this value. However, there has not yet been a set way to verify these programs and to check that the results they are giving is in fact accurate...
Keywords: freeware; HASH values; matlab; testing; validation
Downloads: 161
[texts]Heidegger's discourse on Heraclitus's Concepts of Logos and Aletheia - Rainer, Kristopher Stephen
his paper maintains that the work of Heidegger on Heraclitus' fragments 50 on logos and 16 on aletheia, represent a viable alternative to the "Metaphysics" of Occident Thinking in the early 20th century, which has culminated in the mindset of the our technological age. It further explores an alternative aspiration for language and methodology that is able to serve as a viable alternative for the exploration of Heraclitus' texts, given their fragmentary format and obscure nature...
Keywords: Heraclitus; Interpretation; Language; Logos; Humanities
Downloads: 434
[texts]Historical Studies Journal, University of Colorado Denver, 2004 - Department of History, University of Colorado Denver
From journal's website:The University of Colorado Denver History Department supports and produces the Historical Studies Journal each year to provide students with opportunities to participate in publishing and editing professional history papers as part of our individual and collective paths toward becoming historians. Writing papers for submission, walking through the editing process as an author, and editing papers produced by others allows students to develop and practice skill sets that a...
Keywords: periodicals; colorado; history
Downloads: 133
[texts]Feasible flows in multicommodity graphs - Zullo, Holly Sue
This thesis establishes the minimal representation of the necessaryconditions for feasible supplies and demands for a given multicommoditynetwork. The fundamental theorem is an extension of the Wallace-Wets connectivity result for both directed and undirected graphs. A systemof absolute value inequalities is developed for the undirected case, andspecial properties of this system are explored. Additional results includecounting the number of nonredundant inequalities for specific classes ofgraphs...
Keywords: university of colorado; auraria library; phd; dissertation; mathematics
Downloads: 19
[texts]Optimal power flow in microgrid - Darakhshan Rokhsari, Mirsadraddin
This thesis is about the optimal power flow in microgrid with using multi-objective function. The thesis puposed new algorithm for optimal power flow plus new desicion about the determination of droop characteristic at optimized point.
Keywords: microgrid; power flow; distributed generator; droop characteristic; P-f controller
Downloads: 117
[texts]History of Injustice: The Factors Affecting Rates of Sexual Assault against American Indian and Alaska Native Women - Watkins, Elizabeth J.
This thesis explores the various factors that contribute to the high rates of sexual assault American Indian and Alaska Native women experience. Those factors include historical violence and racism; colonialism; and other geographic, economic, jurisdictional, legislative, and social issues. This thesis also explores what has been proposed and what has been done to address the violence, and what could further be done to prevent the violence.
Keywords: alaska native; american indian; rape; sexual assault; women
Downloads: 182
Fragment of former electronic newsletter @metro, published by Metropolitan State University of Denver.2000/12/07
Keywords: metropolitan state university of denver; newsletter; e-newsletter
Downloads: 28
[texts]Public bicycle sharing as a population-scale health intervention for active transportation in Denver, Colorado - Duvall, Andrew
Inadequate physical activity associated with acute car dependence is linked to increased risk of obesity and related chronic health conditions, including heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, depression and cancer. More than half of U.S. adults do not meet the minimum recommended levels of physical activity. This research is a mixed methods quantitative/qualitative study of the impact of a public bicycle sharing system as a health intervention to induce active transportation behavior...
Keywords: active transportation; public bicycle sharing; sustainable transportation; physical activity; b cycle
Downloads: 166
[texts]Assessing the environmental literacy of intro environmental science students - Hogden, Randi Corrine
Using an assessment tool, tailored to the Colorado academic science standards, a study was conducted to evaluate the environmental literacy of postsecondary, nonscience majors. Data were collected from 144 students taking an introductory environmental science class. A 16-item, multiple-choice question, environmental knowledge assessment instrument covered environmental content across three subdomains in the Colorado academic science standards: Physical Science, Life Science and Earth Systems Sci...
Keywords: assessment; environmental education; environmental literacy; environmental science; environmental knowledge; colorado state science standards
Downloads: 148
[texts]Building turnaround capacity for urban school improvement: the role of adaptive leadership and defined autonomy - Conrad, Jill Kristin
This dissertation examines the levels of and relationships between technical leadership, adaptive leadership, and defined autonomy among Denver school leaders along with their combined effects on school growth gains over time. Thirty principals provided complete responses to an online survey that included existing scales for technical leadership, adaptive leadership, and autonomy and newly created measures for defined autonomy...
Keywords: district improvement; school autonomy; Educational Studies and Research; adaptive leadership; defined autonomy
Downloads: 189
[texts]Scale-up microbial fuel cell as a waste-to-energy system for the Colorado Convention Center - Zinner, Dania Joyce
Worldwide concerns of resource scarcity and climate change are driving the search for carbon-neutral, renewable energy alternatives for fossil fuels. Organic wastes such as food waste represent an abundant domestic resource for energy production. Recognizing the potential embedded in organic waste, various energy conversion technologies have been developed. Food waste from the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, Colorado can be used as the substrate for a microbial fuel cell (MFC) reactor, a n...
Keywords: civil engineering; university of colorado denver; auraria library; master of science; microbes; fuel sources; alternative energy; renewable energy; denver; colorado
Downloads: 195
[texts]A vision for the future: the power of healing for incarcerated women through education, art, and community support - Palidwor, Nicole
This thesis argues that programs designed for those who are incarcerated that incorporate a variety of educational, artistic, networking, and skill-building features produce meaningful change by developing participants' self-esteem, self-expression, and communication skills. I evaluate three types of programs--traditional education, art education, and what I call "holistic" programs--to determine their intentions, methods, contributions, and deficits...
Keywords: Education; Holistic healing; Prison; Social justice; Communication
Downloads: 123
[texts]Improving student engagement using course-based social networks - Imlawi, Jehad
This study proposes an engagement model that supports use of course-based online social networks for engaging student, and hence, improving their educational outcomes. This research demonstrates that instructors who create course-based online social networks to communicate with students can increase the student engagement in these online social networks, and increase student perceived educational outcomes...
Keywords: Engagement; Facebook; Self-Disclosure; Humor; Computer Science and Information Systems
Downloads: 310
[texts]Fault detection and isolation in low-voltage dc-bus microgrid systems - Candelaria, Jared M.
Unlike traditional AC distribution systems, protection has been challenging for DC systems. Multi-terminal DC power systems do not have the years of practical experience and standards that AC power systems have. Also, the cur- rent power electronic devices can not survive or sustain high magnitude faults. Conveters will shut down to protect themselves under faulted conditions. This makes locating faults in DC system difficult, and causes the DC bus to de- energize...
Keywords: dc; grounding; microgrids; ring bus; engineering
Downloads: 191
[texts]The politics of gender and violence: a case study of a mexican female senator and a law for victims of violence - Hernandez Inzunza, Sunner Daniela
Violence against Mexican women is not a new subject. Disappearances and murdered women in the border town of Cd. Juarez and throughout the country are reported in the news headlines every day. Between 1999 and 2005 more than 6,000 women and girls were murdered, an average of 1,000 murdered women every year. The majority of the deaths result from violence within their household (Mexico, 2009). The rate of violence is not isolated to border towns...
Keywords: Mexican Female Politicians; Theory of Representation; Critical Mass Theory; Gender and Politics; Victim's Law
Downloads: 171
[texts]Safety Assessment of Freeway Merging and Diverging Influence Areas Based on Conflict Analysis of Simulated Traffic - Atamo, Markus Alito
The safety of merging and diverging influence areas, intersections, interchanges, and other traffic facilities is assessed by tracking and analyzing police-reported motor vehicle crash records. Since the nature of road crashes is random and infrequent, this process is slow to reveal the need for remediation of the roadway design and traffic control strategy. Moreover, this process is not applicable to assess new designs that have not yet been built, or deployed in the real world...
Keywords: conflict, traffic, engineering, theses; crash; freeway; merging; surrogate; driving; dissertation
Downloads: 82
Fragment of former electronic newsletter @metro, published by Metropolitan State University of Denver.2001/01/23
Keywords: metropolitan state university of denver; newsletter; e-newsletter
Downloads: 21
Fragment of former electronic newsletter @metro, published by Metropolitan State University of Denver.2001/01/25
Keywords: metropolitan state university of denver; newsletter; e-newsletter
Downloads: 14
Fragment of former electronic newsletter @metro, published by Metropolitan State University of Denver.2000/12/05
Keywords: newsletter; e-newsletter; metropolitan state university of denver
Downloads: 21
[texts]HIV risk among heterosexual minority dyads - Rinehart, Deborah John
Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in the Unites States have increaseddisproportionately impacting women and minorities (CDC, 2008b). HumanImmunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is a continuing public health concern forwomen who currently comprise almost one quarter of all new HIV/AIDSdiagnoses (Prejan et al., 2011). Women are primarily infected with HIVthrough heterosexual sex, a behavior that usually occurs within the socialcontext of a dyad...
Keywords: aids; hiv; public health; university of colorado denver; auraria library; phd; dissertation
Downloads: 37
[texts]Ethics and organizational structure : a study of organizational values - Arney, Jo A.
This is a study about understanding the relationship between an organization'sstructure and the organizational values held by individuals who are members of theorganization. It is the contention of this research to show that organizational values are, at least in part, dependent on the structure of organizations. This study seeks to provide a pair of spectacles for public managers who wish to investigate and appreciate the ethical climate of their organization...
Keywords: dissertation; public affairs; university of colorado denver; auraria library
Downloads: 47
[texts]Connection Capacity of Pultruded GFRP Channels in Multidirectional Loading - Wang, Michael
Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) composites is a relatively new material that offers unique advantages for many different engineering applications. While there has been plenty of research performed to understand composite fiber failure mechanisms numerically and experimentally, the exact nature of failure based on fiber orientation is unknown. Due to the complex nature of FRP composites, fiber failure mechanisms are not clearly understood and the goal of this study is to gain further knowledge reg...
Keywords: channels; connection capacity; cyclic loading; GFRP; civil engineering
Downloads: 62
Fragment of former electronic newsletter @metro, published by Metropolitan State University of Denver.2001/1/21
Keywords: metropolitan state university of denver; newsletter; e-newsletter
Downloads: 30
[texts]Indigenous environmental knowledge : past cases and future prospects - Herman-Mercer, Nicole
Indigenous Environmental Knowledge defined as, a cumulative body of knowledge and beliefs, handed down through generations by cultural transmission, about the relationship of living beings (human and non-human animals and plants) with one another and with their physical environment, has a great potential to inform western science in the area of climate change. This thesis presents work that bas been conducted in the arctic and sub-arctic with Indigenous Knowledge...
Keywords: university of colorado denver; auraria library; anthropology; social science; thesis; yukon river; mexico
Downloads: 31
[texts]Asco art collective
A brief documentary about the Asco art collective, a former East Los Angeles Chicano artists' collective active between 1972 and 1987.Date of recording is unknown.VHShttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asco_(art_collective)
Keywords: chicano; latino; hispanic american; los angeles; public art; art; street art
Downloads: 48
[texts]A history of access of diverse students at the University of Colorado Boulder, 1964-2012 - Mugge-Cozza, Molly
Racial disparities have been, and continue to be, a major obstacle facing post-secondary educational institutions throughout the United States. In response to the call for institutional and external accountability by stakeholders interested in higher education, the aim of this dissertation is to provide an historical analysis of race and diversity at the University of Colorado Boulder (UCB). UCB was chosen as the focus for the current study because it is the flagship public university in the sta...
Keywords: Higher Education; History of Education; Racial Disparities; Diverse student access; Educational Studies and Research
Downloads: 167
[texts]Blogging, babies, and business: mommy blogging as citizen journalism - Lawson, Marylynne
With the recent tide of "Mommy Blogs" proliferating the Internet, advertisers, researchers, and mainstream media outlets have all taken notice of the societal and cultural influence mothers have. Women in every stage of parenting have become professional writers by blogging about their experiences raising children. In turn, many isolated mothers have reached out to these blogs searching for communities of support and friendship...
Keywords: Motherhood; Humanities; Blogging; Gender roles
Downloads: 129
[texts]Interorganizational relationships and nongovernmental organization institutional sustainability in Uganda - Kagan, Jennifer Anne
This thesis examines a network of nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) operating in a suburban community in Uganda, and it explores the relationship between interorganizational partnerships and institutional sustainability. Most of the subject NGOs are members of a formal, locally developed network, called the Nansana Civil Society Network. Through examining both the formal and informal network, we can begin to understand how service delivery occurs through local initiatives and how the shift fr...
Keywords: Uganda; Africa; Public Affairs
Downloads: 99
[texts]Whole systems thinking for sustainable water treatment design - Huggins, Mitchell Tyler
Microbial fuel cell (MFC) technology could provide a low cost alternative to conventional aerated wastewater treatment, however there has been little comparison between MFC and aeration treatment using real wastewater substrate. This study attempts to directly compare the wastewater treatment efficiency and energy consumption and generation among three reactor systems, a traditional aeration process, a simple submerged MFC configuration, and a control reactor acting similar as natural lagoons...
Keywords: Microbial Fuel Cell; sustainable; wastewater; Civil Engineering; bioenergy
Downloads: 140
[texts]Limited sensing random access algorithm - Idowu, Oluwapelumi
This project presents the properties of a class of Limited Sensing Random Access algorithms. The operations and properties of the algorithms are presented in detail and compared with the ALOHA protocol. In particular, the performance of the algorithms in the presence of the limit Poisson user model is investigated and compared with that of the ALOHA protocol. In addition, performance evaluation of these algorithms and comparison with the ALOHA protocol are also performed in environments where ad...
Keywords: Limited sensing; Electrical Engineering; binary split algorithm; two cell stack; three cell stack
Downloads: 85
[texts]Getting immunized against HPV : knowledge of and access to the HPV vaccine among Latina university women - Clevenger, Lesly-Marie
The HPV vaccine was FDA approved in 2006 for women ages 9 to 26. The vaccine is 100% effective in preventing the infection of four HPV s that cause 90 percent of genital warts and 70 percent of cervical dysplasia. This thesis examines the knowledge of demographically diverse Latinas ages 19 to 26 regarding the HPV vaccine and their perceived access to the immunization. Unlike other studies which focus on the differences in knowledge and access to healthcare between Latinas and other demographic ...
Keywords: auraria library; thesis; etd; human papillomavirus; chicanas; women; hispanics
Downloads: 47
[texts]Assessment of concrete masonry units containing aggregate replacements of waste glass and rubber tire particles - Isler, Jerry W.
Sustainable construction has become an interest in the engineering community and several standards have been developed to assess the environmental impact of new construction projects. Research has shown that it is possible to use recycled materials to replace some of the traditional mixture components in concrete products and produce a more sustainable building material. Two materials that are currently recycled and have the possibility of use in concrete applications are waste glass and rubber ...
Keywords: construction; concrete; masonry; rubber; engineering standards; aggregate
Downloads: 84
[texts]Intraspecific and interspecific communication on prairie dog colonies : black tailed prairie dogs and burrowing owls - Bryan, Rebecca Dyckes
This thesis is a compilation of research from two different yet related projects. The common thread in these projects is alarm calling and communication on black-tailed prairie dog (Cynomys ludovicianus) colonies. I considered both intra-specific communication: how black-tailed prarie dogs communicate with each other, and inter-specific communication: how another species, the Western Burrowing Owl (Athene cunicularia), benefits from prairie dog communication...
Keywords: alarm calling; burrowing owl; eavesdropping; prairie dog; animal behavior
Downloads: 152
[texts]Investigating leadership practices in successful schools serving ELA learners: telling the story - Rubin, Wendy
This study is one of five thematic dissertations, which focus on investigating the leadership practices of principals leading successful schools serving ELA learners. Schools selected for participation in this study had (a) an open enrollment policy, (b) at least 40% of total enrollment consisting of ELL students, (c) a total School Performance Framework (SPF) rating greater than 49% for elementary schools, and great than 45% for middle schools and high schools, (d) at least 50% of the students ...
Keywords: English Language Learners; Leadership; Leadership Practices; Student Achievement; ducational Studies and Research
Downloads: 76
[texts]The performance of a curvilinear versus a rectangular basement foundation design in expansive clay soils - Gardiner, Michael
Shallow foundation design in expansive soils has generally been approached in the industry using a typical pier/beam or spread footing/foundation wall and reinforcement design. The addition of supporting piers anchored in stable soils and excavated expansion areas under beam elements have modified a traditional foundation design for expansive soils. This traditional approach to foundation design uses designs that mitigate around the swelling effects, rather than designing to take advantage of, o...
Keywords: Expansive Soils; Finite Element; Swelling Soils; Civil Engineering; Clay
Downloads: 121
[texts]Consumer Health Informatics and the Medically Underserved: The Role of Information Technology in Health Information Access and Health Communication in the United States - Moore, Susan Louise
This thesis describes the results of a survey conducted to explore information technology (IT) and health information technology utilization patterns, impact, and the validity of Diffusion of Innovations (DoI) theoretical principles among patients who receive primary health care in an urban safety net setting. Utilization in the surveyed population was similar to national utilization for widely adopted technologies...
Keywords: consumer health informatics; health communication; health information technology; priority populations
Downloads: 128
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